Managing shareholders of ITC are Vladimir Chakarov and Kristiana Chakarova.
kristiana-chakarovaEng. Kristiana Chakarova is experienced project manager and transport expert with in-depth knowledge of transport sector with over 20 years of professional experience in road and rail transport studies and economic analyses and evaluations. She has participated as team leader, transport expert/economist and lecturer in big number of projects, the most important of which are the following:

  • Technical Assistance for the Modernization of the Vidin- Sofia Railway Line
  • Harmonization of the Bulgarian legislation in the field of road infrastructure with Directive 2006/38/EC amending Directive 1999/62/EC on the charging of heavy goods vehicles for the use of certain infrastructure
  • National Transport Plan of Bulgaria
  • Support to ISPA Project Cycle Management in Bulgaria and Romania
  • Introduction of Road User Charges (Vignette System) since January 2004 to finance the infrastructure
  • Approximation of EU Standards in Transport Statistics in Bulgaria
  • Regional Railroad Interconnectivity Study – Feasibility Study for construction of missing railroad link between FYROM and Bulgaria
  • Vidin – Calafat Bridge Review of Traffic and Traffic Forecasts and Line Capacity Assessment
  • Study and Assessment of the Economic and Financial Efficiency for Construction of Trakia and Cherno More Motorways as part of Trans-European Corridor 8
  • Traffic forecast for the ten Pan-European Corridors of Helsinki
  • Preparation of Traffic Forecasts and Investment Programmes for the years 2000 and 2010 for the Development of the Bulgarian Transport System in consideration of the Transition to a Free market Economy
  • Road user charges study

Mrs. Chakarova has experience as moderator of 15 international quality circles in line with Japanese KAISEN method (with participation of representatives from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Turkey). She participated as well in the preparation of two transport atlases – EU and Bulgarian transport perspectives and TRACECA Transport and Trade Atlas.

vladimir-chakarovEng. Vladimir Chakarov is experienced project manager with wide knowledge of transport sector and over 20 years of professional experience in transport studies, traffic analyses and forecasts. Within the several projects he has been involved as traffic modelling and simulation expert. The most important of these elaborated under the leadership and/or with participation of eng. Chakarov are the following:

  • Traffic analysis and forecasts for the priority transport infrastructure projects of Republic of Bulgaria
  • Measures for improvement of PUT system in Sofia
  • Pre-feasibility study for completion of missing railway link Kichevo – Albanian border, part of Pan-European Corridor VIII
  • Modernisation of Transit Railway Corridors in Bulgaria Project
  • Development of Environmental-Friendly Transport in Kardzali Municipality Based on Alternative Fuels and Mode of Transport
  • Study and assessment of the scope and possibilities for introducing road charges on use of the National Road Network and financial and economy model for the charges calculation
  • Tender Documents for road, water supply and sewerage construction and reconstruction works under the Public Procurement Act
  • Auditing of payments and execution of the engineering works

Eng. Chakarov participated as well in the preparation of two transport atlases: EU and Bulgarian transport perspectives and TRACECA Transport and Trade Atlas.