The work on implementation of the Project “Update of Traffic Forecast and Cost-Benefit Analysis for LOT 3 of Struma Motorway” has started

The implementation of the Project “Update of Traffic Forecast and Cost-Benefit Analysis for LOT 3 of Struma Motorway” has started on 28 of August 2014, when the Contract was signed by the National Company Strategic Infrastructure Projects as a project beneficiary. The Project is included in the Operational Programme on Transport 2007-2013 and is financed by the EC Cohesion Fund. The Contractor is an Association named “ANISA-ITC-PPM 2014” consisting of the following companies: ANISA –M EOOD (leading partner), Institute of Transport and Communications OOD and Project Planning and Management OOD. The work on the contract implementation includes: traffic forecast update; update of the cost-benefit analysis for the designed route and preparation of Application Form for project financing under Operational Programme Transport and Transport Infrastructure 2014-2020. The total value of the assigned contract amounts BGN 212, 121.000 (VAT excluded) and the project duration is 56 weeks (392 days).

The route of Struma Motorway has length of about 150 km and is located in the South-West region of the Country between road intersection “Daskalovo” (near Pernik City) and Kulata village at Greek Bored. The Struma Motorway route is along Struma River and passes through natural sights as Kresna George. The section passing through Kresna George is the most difficult to be implemented. Struma Motorway is a section of the Pan European Transport Corridor IV and TEN-T network as well.

Struma Motorway is divided into 4 lots:

  • Lot 1: Dolna Dikanya – Dupnitza;
  • Lot 2: Dupnitza – Blagoevgrad;
  • Lot 3: Blagoevgrad – Sandanski;
  • Lot 4: Sandanski – Kulata at Greek Border.

Lot 1 is implemented already and lots 2 and 4 are under construction. Lot 3 is envisaged to be constructed as a motorway having two carriageways with overall dimensions A29 and length of 62 km. This lot is subdivided into three subsections as follows (the lengths indicated are preliminary):

  • Lot 3.1: Blagoevgrad – Krupnik, length of 17 km, including intersection, earthworks and facilities, tunnel with length of 2 km, near Jeleznitza village;
  • Lot 3.2: Krupnik – Kresna, route length of about 21 km, crossing the mountain terrain. The main section of this lot is a tunnel along Kresna George, length of about 15 km;
  • Lot 3.3: Kresna – Simitly, length of about 13 km.